Local Request

Hello Everyone!
I received a request from a local person who is trying to help a client secure two booster seats for 6 year old kids.
Does anyone out there have a gently used booster or want to donate to purchase them? I know I have bought them at Walmart for around 15-17 dollars.
Let me know! Thank you for all of your support!



Thank you all so much!!

Our Adopt a Family 2011 was an amazing success! A big thank you goes out to all of the wonderful thoughtful sponsors who reached out and made a huge impact on 13 Idaho families.  Yes, that’s right, we were able to help 13 families have a brighter Christmas.  I met some very nice people through this project and am so thankful for that.  I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and many blessings for 2012.  It is going to be a great year, I can feel it!

With Love,



Thank you

A big thank you goes out to my dad, who has been driving me around making deliveries the past two evenings.  I am so thankful for all of you who sponsored families.  You have no idea just how much of an impact you made on these families.  It is truly amazing.  I am blessed to have met some fantastic people during the course of this and that has made this the best Christmas I could ask for.

I started this blog three years ago because I believe that if we come together and try to do one good thing where we can we can make a real impact on our community and the people in it.  This Christmas season 13 families will have a brighter holiday and the families who sponsored them will be forever changed too.  I know I am.

I hope you all have a healthy, happy and wonderful Christmas.  Thank you again!!

Bright Blessings,



My mom is amazing!!

I have to post about my mom because in her selfless generosity she sponsored the remaining 3 that needed sponsorship.  This is in addition to her sponsorship of another family.  She has such a big heart and I am so blessed to call her mom 😉

Next year I am going to try and get sponsors early on so that we have committed folks ready and we can hopefully get everyone sponsored!  Thank you to all who helped make this an amazing Christmas Season for 13 fantastic families!

Merry Christmas!!


Home stretch! Counting down to Christmas!

I first want to thank everyone who sponsored a family this Christmas. It is just truly amazing to see people coming together to help one another. I know we are down to the last few days before Christmas, but I wanted to try my best to get the last few families on our list sponsored. Here are their profiles:

Family #8

Girl (16 yr) is size misses 16, she wants an ipod or mp3 player that has a screen on it, team Jacob T-shirt or poster, the new Brad Pasley or Taylor Swift CD, headphones, a drawing set, My Sims or My Sims Sky Heros for DS.

Girl(age 10-11) is size 12-14 in girls, she wants a Doll like the American Dolls and a couple of outfits, Harry Potter years 5-7 game for DS, drawing set, science set, a writing journal.

Girl (age 7-8) is size 12-14 in girls, she wants a doll like the American Dolls and a couple outfits, a bouncy Ball, Animal Crossing or Tinker Bell Great Fairy Rescue games for DS, littlest pet shop pets.

Girl (age 5-6) is size 5-6 in girls, she wants a doll like the American Dolls and a couple of outfits. She likes littlest pet shop pets, polly pockets, princess things.

Family # 11

Boy (age 7-8) he’s into anything w outdoors and hunting and fishing/ video games

Boy age (age 6-7) he’s into any kinds of video games or motorcycles

Boy (age 4-5) he’s into dirt bikes and animals or cars

Boy (age 3-4) into cars and motorcycles..

Boy (age 5 months) any kind of infant learning toys or clothing size 12 months.

Family #12

Boy (age 12-13) into anything 12-13 year old boys are in to

Family #13 Sponsored as of 12/20/11

Boy (age 11-12)

Girl (age 1-2)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these families or even part of a family please email me at project1goodthing@gmail.com

Thank you so much!! Merry Christmas!


Still in need of 3 sponsors

We are not able to take on any more families this season.  We really need 3 more sponsors.  We originally just needed 2 but one has fallen through.  Any help you can provide would be so appreciated.  Even if you are able to sponsor one child in the family that would be very helpful.  Thank you so much!!


We still need 2 more sponsors!

Hi everyone!

This year’s program is going so wonderful!  So far we have 8 families sponsored!  We just need 2 more sponsors.  If you are able to sponsor a family or even a child or two that would be so helpful.  You can reach me at project1goodthing@gmail.com

Thank you so much and I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season!

Bright Blessings.